The Walking Dead: Season 7

The Walking Dead: Season 7

Oct. 23, 2016
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Up to this point, our characters have lived through conflicts… Diseases, famine, hordes of undead, tragedies, treachery and losses unthinkable. Thanks to this, they have developed at formidable. Powerful. Unstoppable. To start the seventh season, that power is them snatching. They had found safety and stability. Had created a home. Had thought that the world was theirs. Had thought that knew the world. Were they wrong. The first half of the seventh season us shows our group fractured, broken, decimated and collecting them pieces while living under the yoke of the oppression. Deny will get put the survivors under their control, convicting them brutally live under their rule with a lethal and horrifying example of what happens if they don’t. Other characters are not aware of what happened, but have been separated from the group by incident or choice – and will learn that they can’t hide at this new twist of his world either. This first half of the season is about these characters back to start. The topic general of the season is back to start. The world not is what they thought that was. It is larger and even more dangerous.


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